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This booklet offers the papers from the tenth overseas convention on Vibrations in Rotating equipment. This convention, first held in 1976, has outlined and redefined the cutting-edge within the many elements of vibration encountered in rotating equipment. exceptional by way of an exceptional mixture of commercial and educational participation completed, those papers current the newest equipment of theoretical, experimental and computational rotordynamics, along the present problems with hindrance within the additional improvement of rotating machines. subject matters are geared toward propelling ahead the criteria of excellence within the layout and operation of rotating machines.

  • Presents most recent equipment of theoretical, experimental and computational rotordynamics
  • Covers present problems with obstacle within the additional improvement of rotating machines

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54 5 CONCLUSION The paper at hand presents some of the most important systems of a test rig developed at the Berlin Institute of Technology. The test rigs aims at the experimental simulation of engine vibrations due to sudden mass loss (blade loss events). Focusing on smaller core blade off events the test rig is believed to be unique as it almost reaches a one to one scale. The information given covers some important design issues as well as supporting numerical and experimental investigations.

Besides the price of a real engine that significantly exceeds the budget for the test rig, an aero engine has several properties that make it difficult to measure the dynamic behaviour. Especially the casing structure of modern engines mainly consists of closed circumferential ring structures. These structures are jointed by bolted connections that reduce the accessibility of many components in the inner engine. Moreover the aerodynamically shaped parts in the airflow within the engine also cover dynamically sensitive and interesting parts such as bearings and dampers.

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