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25. S. 118 Meteorology. PLA writers understand that weather conditions are a key factor in military operations, particularly amphibious and airborne assaults, such as might be necessary for operations against Taiwan. The surprise experienced by German forces at Normandy resulted, at least in part, from the Allies' ability to forecast a break in the stormy weather from June 6 to June 7. 119 Meteorological systems also allow commanders to refine their choice of weapons and units to suit the weather conditions of the moment.

6-8. 11-16. 155 Tang Bochang, “A Review of and Future Prospects for Remote Sensing and Scientific Experiments Using China’s Recoverable Satellites,” Zhongguo hangtian, No. 4, 2001, translated in FBISCHI, 14 May 2001. 156 Ibid. 157 Ibid. 158 Chen Yiyuan, “Successful Launch of CBERS-1 Shows China’s Space Navigation Technology Has Reached New Heights,” Zhongguo hangtian, 1 March 2000, pp. 21-28, translated in FBIS-CHI, 14 April 2000. 159 The ZY-2, launched in September 2000, is believed to be even more capable of fine-resolution observation.

1, translated in FBIS-CHI, 20 February 1999. 97 The author would like to thank Cynthia Watson for these ideas. 98 James C. Mulvenon, Professionalization of the Senior Chinese Officer Corps, Santa Monica, CA: RAND, MR-901-OSD, 1997, p. 22. 99 June Dreyer, “New Officers,” p. 319. Most western sources put the time on political education between 20 to 30 per cent since the early 1980s. - 22 - APPENDIX: CHINESE MILITARY ACADEMIES (AS OF FALL 2000) PLA Academies and Research Institutes Directly Under the CMC PLA National Defense University Academy of Military Science National Defense Science and Technology University (Changsha) General Political Department Academies PLA Art Academy Nanjing Political Academy Xi’an Political Academy General Armaments Department Academies Armament Command and Technical Academy (Huairou) Armored Force Engineering Academy (Beijing) Armored Force Technical Academy (Changchun) Ordinance Engineering Academy (Shijiazhuang) General Staff Department and Ground Force Academies Anti-Chemical Warfare and Engineering Academy (Beijing) Army Aviation Corps Academy (Beijing) Army Command Academy (Shijiazhuang) Army Staff Academy (Guangzhou) Army Guided Missile Academy (Langfang) Armored Force Academy (Bengbu) Armored Force Academy (Hunan) Artillery Academy (Hefei) Artillery Command Academy (Zhangjiakou) Artillery Academy (Shenyang) Communications Academy (Chongqing) Communications Command Academy (Wuhan) Electronic Engineering Academy (Hefei) Engineer Corps Command Academy (Xuzhou) Foreign Languages Academy (Luoyang) Information Engineering University (Zhengzhou) International Relations Academy (Nanjing) Nanjing Army Command Academy Shijiazhuang Army Command Academy In addition, each Military Region has its own Army Command College.

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