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This can be an self reliant primary examine in physics introducing the reform of recent physics. In 1996-2005, it used to be released in elements in medical journals; in 2007 it was once revealed privately in Britain and registered within the British Library; in 2008 it used to be registered at the Copyright workplace of the Library of Congress. The ebook comprises 129 pages dimension A5. it's intendent for pro physicists and will be of curiosity to scientists and scholars often.

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8) The scattering of photons provides exchange interaction of the selfconsistent cloud with vacuum, the value P being proportional to the power of that interaction. C. The inner boundary of the self-consistent cloud divides the domains of reflection and scattering, the latter providing the exchange interaction with vacuum. That boundary is self-conjugate in a sense: not only does it scatter centrifugal photons, but, due to the exchange interaction with vacuum, produces, with the same probability, centripetal photons , thereby creating the effect of photon reflection from the boundary.

5. The above theory hints perhaps at the nature of the so-called quarks. Indeed, as can be supposed, the quarks are the 'internal organs' of the mesons and neutrons, carrying out the collective pair and exchange interaction inside those particles and their exchange interaction with vacuum. For that reason, the quarks cannot exist beyond those particles and, naturally, are not elementary as they are considered at present. This suggestion is confirmed in the next chapter. Spontaneous Generation of Neutrons 35 Conclusion There have been obtained new results introducing a drastic change to the existing theories concerning the nature and the adequate way of description of the so-called elementary particles, and the origin of matter in the universe.

Weak Interactions in Nuclei, 1989. 2. Okun B. Weak Interactions of Elementary Particles, 1965. 3. S. The Neutron Becoming the Atom. 4, 2004. 4. S. Elementary Particles. Second Edition. Cambridge University Press, 1985. 5. Hans C. Ohanian. Modern Physics. Second Edition. Prentice Hall. 1995. CHAPTER 4 EVALUATION OF THE PARAMETERS AND CHARACTERISTICS OF ETHER Introduction As the reader knows, the problem of ether, as an actual problem of theoretical and experimental physics, arose with the development of the theory of light, and especially in connection with Maxwell’s electromagnetic theory, but then was almost abandoned after the advent of the special theory of relativity.

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