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My Big Book of...Things That Go

Strong padded publication that may be loved by way of children repeatedly. Padded covers, sturdy pages, dynamic, colourful illustrations and pictures with kid-friendly measurement and form make it excellent for kids who're able to discover books on their lonesome.

Flight (DK Eyewitness Books)

The main depended on nonfiction sequence out there, Eyewitness Books supply a close, complete examine their topics with a distinct integration of phrases and images. *Now reissued with a CD and wall chart! formerly released as Eyewitness: Flying computing device, Eyewitness: Flight is a surprising and informative advisor to the interesting international of airplane.

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And when a liquid loses heat, it becomes a solid. If you remove enough heat from water, it freezes. It becomes solid matter called ice. 41 CHANGES OF STATE Adding heat to a liquid turns it into a gas. This is called boiling. steam (gas) Taking heat away from a gas turns the gas into a liquid. This is called condensing. water (liquid) Taking heat away from a liquid turns the liquid into a solid. This is called freezing. ice (solid) 42 Adding heat to a solid turns it into a liquid. This is called melting.

New York: Children’s Press, 2002. This book is a collection of experiments to help you learn about heat. Wood, Robert W. Heat Fundamentals: Funtastic Science Activities for Kids. Philadelphia: Chelsea House, 1999. This book features 36 simple experiments. htm Find out how heat makes popcorn pop. html This site has several activities that show how heat works. shtml This site has information about the states of matter, plus activities and quizzes. html Learn how to make your own thermometer. 45 GLOSSARY atoms: the tiny particles that make up all things boiling: changing from a liquid into a gas boiling point: the temperature at which water turns into a gas condensing: changing from a gas into a liquid conducts: lets something move through.

Look for the top end of a thermometer’s colored line. The number next to this end of the line is the temperature. 30 Some thermometers have a needle instead of colored liquid. The needle moves to point at the temperature. Put the bulb of the thermometer in the bowl of warm water. Watch the colored line. What does it do? The line gets longer. Why? Because the liquid matter inside the tube is expanding. As it expands, the liquid rises higher inside the glass tube. 31 If you need to pick up a hot pan, wear oven mitts or use pot holders.

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