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The Commission is composed of at least one representative from each of the main interest groups (government, business, trade unions). 2 Structure and composition of the Belgian Accounting Standards Commission MINISTRY OF FINANCE 2 representatives MINISTRY OF JUSTICE 1 representative (a member of IBR) MINISTRY OF SMALL BUSINESS 1 representative MINISTRY OF ECONOMIC AFFAIRS 2 representatives (1 is a member of IBR) ACCOUNTING STANDARDS COMMISSION President (Banking and Finance Commission) and 13 other members BANKING AND FINANCE COMMISSION 1 representative (President of the ASC) CENTRAL ECONOMIC COUNCIL 4 representatives: - 2 representing trade unions - 2 representing employers SECRETARIAT (2 staff members) SMALL BUSINESS ORGANISATIONS 1 representative PROFESSIONAL BODIES IBR 1 representative ASC= Accounting Standards Commission IBR=Instituut der Bedrijfsrevisoren IDAC 1 representative Christian Lefebvre and Lieve Van Nuffet 45 the Belgian approach to, among other things, social policy for­ mulation.

The practice of auditing itself, despite the Institute of Auditors, remained undeveloped. Although the law required many compa­ nies to have an audit, it was remarkably vague about how the audit should be carried out. Audits were conducted by unqualified 32 Belgium persons in a cursory and casual manner. Even when Belgian accountants were engaged as auditors, they tended to neglect the auditing and to concentrate more on providing taxation and financial advice. As a result, reports issued to express an opinion on financial statements were often of little value.

1 Post-war industrial organisation in Belgium Economic Social Central Economic Council National Workers' Council ( ( Nationale Arbeidsraad/ Conseil National du Travail Centrale Raad voor het Bedrijfsleven/Conseil Central de l'Economie ) ) Industry-wide Paritaire Comites/Commissions Paritaires Joint Committees ( Industrial Councils Bijzondere Raadgevende Commissies/Commissions Consultatives Speciales ( ) ) Company Works Councils Works Councils Ondernemingsraden/Conseils d'Entreprise Ondernemingsraden/ Conseils d'Entreprise ( ( ) ) Health and Safety Comite voor Veiligheid en Hygienne/Comite de Securite et de Hygiene Committee ( ) Trade Union Delegates Vakbondsafgevaardigden/ Delegues Syndicaux ( ) level, composed of equal numbers of employer representatives and employee representatives.

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