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By Sandor, Arthur G. Erdman

Sr/grad point textual content for a moment direction in mechanisms, kinematics or desktop dynamics.

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A cutting edge in tens of nanometers can be achieved. More recently, CVD (chemical vapor deposition) diamond-cutting tools have become available, as shown in Fig. 2-15 [24]. They are extremely hard FIGURE 2-15 Cutting tools manufactured by: (a) CVD diamond cutting tools; (b) diamond cutting tools. (Courtesy: Contour Fine Tooling Ltd). CHAPTER 2 Micro-/Nano-Machining through Mechanical Cutting 35 coating properties of micro-tools for longer tool life and accuracy enhancement; and characterization and condition monitoring of micro-tools.

3-5, 2007). com/2-Sub-Samples. html (accessed on Nov. 19, 2007). CHAPTER 3 Micro-EDM Eckart Uhlmann, Markus R€ ohner and Malte Langmack INTRODUCTION Today, micro-electrical discharge machining (m-EDM) is applied in all kinds of fields concerning micro-machining. Especially in single-part or small batch production m-EDM can be used economically to produce micro-tools and micromolds. By combining different process variants of m-EDM with current machining processes such as micro-milling or laser ablation a cost efficient mass production can be realized [1–4].

The hybrid approach provides an atomistic description near the interface and a continuum description deep into the substrate, increasing the accessible dimensional scales, and greatly reducing the computational cost while increasing the modeling accuracy and capacity. Several multi-scale simulation methods have been developed such as the FEAT method, the quasi-continuum (QC) method, the MAAD method, and the CGMD method. A remarkably successful approach is the QC method proposed by Tadmor et al.

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