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By I. Prigogine, Stuart A. Rice

Each one quantity during this sequence is dedicated to assisting the reader to acquire basic information regarding various subject matters in chemical physics. This quantity comprises dialogue of high-temperature superconductors, time-resolved optical exams of digital geometric section improvement and masses extra.

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24a) or Eq. 24b) is satisfied, Eq. 15a) becomes Here, the depletion of the incident fields is taken to be only by linear processes. Thus gi(r) = g i ( 0 ) for all i = 1, 2 , . . ,s. The amplitude of the signal field is proportional to the magnitude of the electrical susceptibility, IS! + ilyl, at w j . In obtaining Eq. 25), the ambiguity in the 56 DUCKHWAN LEE AND A. C. ALBRECHT sign of cos{A4j(r)} = +[1 + tan’{A4j(r)}]”’ has been fixed so that the signal field builds up along the direction of kj.

Chem. Phys. 196, 4180 (1992). 9. ( a ) H . Metiu and V. Engel, J . O p t . SOC. Am. B7, 1709 (1990); (b) V. Engel and H. Metiu, “Interference Effects in the One Photon Dissociation of a Molecule with Two Laser Pulses,” unpublished manuscript; (c) R. Bavli, V. Engel, and H. Metiu, J . Chem. Phys. 96 2600 (1992). 10. H. C. Longuet-Higgins, U. Opik, M. H . L. Pryce, and R. A. Sack, Proc. R . Soc. London Ser. A 244, 1 (1958). 11. The adiabatic electronic states pictured here are constrained to be real and hence double-valued.

1) with 45” (we choose t’ = - 5 ~ 1 2and ~ t ” = -2rrIw). The frequency The momentum impulse r0is related to the pulse energy by 7T0 = 1 w 2 drf’(t) 7_ E The inability of the initial, I-polarized, pulse to couple to the q,-mode and the periodic nature of the ground state motion lead to the vanishing of q2,,seen in Eq. 4). Therefore, regardless of molecular orientation, there is nonzero vibrational displacement only along the q,-mode at t = 0. By writing Eq. 3) explicitly as q,,) = - r,,IMw,( 1 - sin’@ cos’@), we is less see that the range of orientations within which the magnitude of than a certain value, say d m , decreases with increasing pulse energy.

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