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By Nawal Nasrallah

Written approximately 1000 years in the past, al-Warraqs cookbook is the main entire paintings of its variety. This conventional cookbook with greater than six hundred recipes from the posh food of medieval Islam can also be a unprecedented consultant to the modern culinary tradition. Its various anecdotes and poems spread the function of meals within the politics of Islams golden era.Introducing this dependent translation is an intensive survey of the interval and its meals tradition. an in depth thesaurus, in Arabic and English, of medieval constituents and dishes, and an Appendix of old figures give you the important reference instruments for this paintings. Making this key source on hand in English for the 1st time to students and the overall reader fills a niche within the cultural background of medieval Islam. Over 30 colour illustrations.

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As the suspended meat slowly roasted, fats and juices would drip into the casserole, resulting in a sweet and salty luscious dish. The basic recipe for the pudding was composed of pieces of white bread sopped in water until they puffed then spread in the pan and drenched in sugar and honey. In some of the recipes, sheets of ruq§q ’large and thin bread’ were layered with pieces of fruit such as banana, melon, mulberry, or crushed raisins and then drenched in sugar. To serve the dish, the casserole was inverted onto a platter.

No food symbolized the leisurely Abbasid urban cuisine more than ruq§q bread, large and paper-thin. 116 It was usually baked on ã§baq, which was a slab of fired-brick or a sheet of metal. However, we learn from al-Warr§q’s recipe that they were also baked in the tannår, one at a time (Chapter 13). ’ It was crusty and pithy 112 Ed. MuÈammad YaÈy§ al-DÊn bAbd al-0amÊd (Cairo: Maãbabat al-MadanÊ, 1962) Al-Maq§ma al-Baÿ9d§diyya, 72. The description is reminiscent of today’s ê9§wirma. alwaraq. net. 113 In Iraq today, the dish is called p§cha, and the cook specialized in selling it is p§chachÊ.

Bår§niyy§t, the luscious eggplant dishes, named after Bår§n, daughterin-law of H§rån al-Raê9Êd, are still around. Although her name is no longer associated with the dishes in her home of origin, Baghdad, it lives in the bår§n dish of yogurt and eggplant still cooking in countries as far removed from Baghdad as Afghanistan. As for the cuisine’s contribution to the medieval cooking of Christian Western Europe, there is evidence that some of the dishes found their way in name and technique to the tables of the affluent.

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