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The irradiation temperatures for the U02-A1 dispersions were low, x 300°F. " 3. Gamma Scanning of Fuel Plates It has long been of interest to determine just how closely the fuel burnout f o l l o w e d the vertical neutron f l u x distribution measured by flux wires in the water channels between the fuel plates. Particularly of interest is the flux peaking measured at the lower end of the fuel element and which is usually the basis for locating the hot spot in this area. water channel. TR caaal.

This sample w a s n o t e t c h e d , * An e l e c t r o n microscope and "hot" X-ray d i f f r a c t i o n equipmenthaw s i n c e been i n s t a l l e d by P h i l l i p s . Consequently, examinations of t h i s type are now b e i n g undertaken a t t h i s s i t e . 001 As Polished (a) Flat S e c t i o n . 003 As Polished Approx. (b) Figure 25 89cM F l a t Section U n i r r a d i a t e d U02 Dispersed i n Aluminum. - 26- is 0 ul a 0 M ce t ‘ 0 0 0 0 0 0 P INCHES w I “ I I 0 0 0 0 w 1 INCHES 0 I 0 0 P P L I -I 0 0 0 0 I * 0 0 LZ a 0 M ce - p P 0 0 8 0 P 0 0 N I I INCHES a 0 0 0 II (D 0 0 0 I b h, h, w I 9 BMI -J-3890 17,500 x A s Polished I Figure 27 Unirradiated Control Sample of U02 Dispersed i n Aluminum.

I . p +006 * HF Etched 500x Figure 10 M i c r o s t r u c t u r e of 18 w/o U-A1 A l l o y , I r r a d i a t e d t o 69% Burnup. 006 *s Polished 500x Figure 12 Microstructure of 18 w/o U-A1 Alloy, Irradiated to 50% Burnup and Post-Irradiation Annealed at 650. 3 w/o U308 i n A1 Cermet I r r a d i a t e d t o 25% Burnup. 3 w/o U308 i n Al Cermet, I r r a d i a t e d t o 5 2% Burnup. 3 w/o U 08 i n A1 Cermet, I r r a d i a t e d t o 54% Burnup, and Post-Irra&ationAnnealed a t 500'F for 3 hours. 006 P- A s Polished Figure 17 500 x M i c r o s t r u c t u r e of 32 w/o U02 i n A 1 Cermet, as F a b r i c a t e d .

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