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By Heinz Tschätsch

Machining and slicing applied sciences are nonetheless an important for lots of production strategies. This reference offers all very important machining approaches in a finished and coherent approach. It offers the working towards engineer with many technical details of the producing tactics and collects crucial elements corresponding to greatest accessible precision, blunders or reference values.

Many examples of concrete calculations, difficulties and their strategies illustrate the cloth and help the training reader. the web addresses given within the appendix supply with a quick hyperlink to additional info sources.

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Applied Machining Technology

Machining and slicing applied sciences are nonetheless an important for lots of production procedures. This reference provides all very important machining strategies in a complete and coherent method. It offers the practicing engineer with many technical details of the producing strategies and collects crucial features similar to greatest available precision, mistakes or reference values.

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1 above the tool curve, then the tool is overstressed and tool life is reduced. 2 below the tool curve, then the tool life is not fully utilised. 3 above the machine curve, then the machine is overloaded. 4 below the machine curve, then machine input power is not fully utilised. 1 Metal removal rate With regard to the metal removal rate, we have to distinguish between the volume of the removed material Qw and the space needed for the randomly arranged metal chips Qsp. The volume of the removed material identifies the volume occupied by a chip with cross section ap· f (depth of cut multiplied with feed) and a defined length per minute.

This coefficient relates the rise in the force of a dulling tool to that of the sharp tool. 20). 3 Major cutting force Fc Major cutting force Fc can be calculated from the cross-section of the chip and the specific cutting force. 7 Calculation of power Here we subdivide the pure cutting power necessary during cutting and machine input power. When calculating the machine input power, one has also to consider the machine’s efficiency. 2 Resulting from feed force Feed power is defined as that portion of the power implemented during cutting, resulting from feed force Ff and feed rate vf .

4 Form turning In form turning, the major cutting edge of the turning tool incorporates the contour that is to be generated on the workpiece. As a rule, the form is produced in the workpiece using recessing technology. 6) are also called form turned pieces, and the tools are called form turning tool. 5 Taper turning Taper turning is a cylindrical turning procedure in which the diameter to be generated is constantly changing. This method is used to produce conical shafts. 7). 7 Taper parameters tg D
d  2–l  α/2 D d l in ° in mm in mm in mm half taper angle large taper diameter small taper diameter taper length.

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