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By Kelly H. Chang

Concentrating on how the President and the Senate impression financial coverage through appointing Federal Reserve Board individuals, this e-book solutions 3 questions about the appointment approach and its results. First, do politicians impact financial coverage through Federal Reserve appointments? moment, who impacts the process--only the President or the President and the Senate? 3rd, how is the constitution of the Federal Reserve appointment method defined? The examine extends the research of the Federal Reserve Board to the ecu imperative financial institution.

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In each configuration, |P − SQ1| < |S − SQ1|. (1) S < P < SQ1 ⇒ SQ2 = P if P ∈ [L, H], SQ2 = L other wise (2) SQ1 < P < S ⇒ SQ2 = P if P ∈ [L, H], SQ2 = H other wise Case 2: Presidential Compromise. In this case, the Senate is closer than the president to the status quo, SQ1. However, the ultimate policy outcome depends on how close the Senate is to the president. In some cases 31 Formal Model of the Appointment Process (Case 2a), the Senate is closer to the president than the Senate’s indifference point, SQ− , and in those cases, the president has every incentive to propose his ideal point as the RR equilibrium policy which the Senate has no reason to reject because the reversion point, the status quo point, SQ1, is farther away from S than P.

Interbranch bargaining between the president and Senate determines the desired policy, but both must work through an appointment process that insulates the Fed from immediate influence. The Fed’s insulation, however, does not mean that it is free from influence, nor does it mean that the politicians only appoint inflation hawks to the Fed – a popular misconception. As this study shows, inflation doves as well as hawks are appointed, resulting in some highly charged political conflicts within the Fed itself.

2): if y ∈ {x1, x2, x3, x4, x5} Range 1 is defined by a vacancy in one of the first five FOMC seats. Once one of {x1, x2, x3, x4, x5} retires, the FOMC median will immediately move to SQ1 = x7. The first two sets of possible appointees do not uniquely define the outcome, SQ2. First, in (1) in the following text, all appointments to the left of x6 (x ≤ x6) will result in SQ0, the same median before the retirement of the outgoing member. Thus SQ0 defines the lower limit, L1, to which the president and Senate may move policy with any one such retirement.

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