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By Cameron Duff

This booklet provides a overview of Deleuze’s key equipment and ideas during exploring how those tools should be utilized in modern reports of healthiness and disorder. Taken from a Deleuzian standpoint, healthiness might be characterised as a discontinuous technique of affective and relational transitions.

The ebook argues that overall healthiness, conceived by way of the standard of lifestyles, is complicated or facilitated within the provision of latest affective sensitivities and new relational capacities. Following an review of Deleuze’s key rules, the e-book will supply a chain of case experiences designed to demonstrate how Deleuze’s rules might be utilized to pick illnesses. This research attracts out the categorical benefits of a Deleuzian method of public wellbeing and fitness study, setting up grounds for extra common engagement with Deleuze’s principles around the well-being and social sciences.

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