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By Jacek F Gieras; Rong-Jie Wang; Maarten J Kamper

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2 A copper disc with its dimensions as shown in Fig. 13 rotates with the speed of 12 000 rpm between U-shaped laminated pole shoes of a PM. 03 m from the axis of the disc. 016 m. 0015 m and the width of the pole is bp = 20 mm. The relative magnetic permeability of the laminated core is µr = 1000 and the conductivity of the disc is σ = 57 × 106 S/m at 20o C. 328 m. 02 Ω. The magnetic flux fringing effect in the air gap, the variation of magnetic permeability with the magnetic field intensity in the laminated core and brush voltage drop are neglected.

65 T. To produce this flux density a large volume of PMs is usually required. As the permeance component of the flux ripple associated with the slots is eliminated, the cogging torque is practically absent. The magnetic circuit is unsaturated (slotless stator core). On the other hand, the machine structure lacks the necessary robustness [244]. Both buried magnet and surface magnet rotors can be used. 1 Magnetic Circuits 33 276]. Disc-type motors with external rotors have a particular advantage in low speed high torque applications, such as buses and shuttles, due to their large radius for torque production.

E. 5t1 , and σP M is the electric conductivity of PMs. 22). 35). 14). e. losses in backing solid steel discs supporting PMs are due to the pulsating flux produced by rapid changes in air gap reluctance as the rotor passes the stator teeth. The magnetic permeability of a solid steel disc varies with the z axis (normal axis). 11) for ν = 1. e. 57), µr is the relative magnetic permeability and σF e is the electric conductivity of the solid ferromagnetic disc. 56). 65). 60). 6 Eddy Current Losses in Stator Conductors For slotted AFPM machines the eddy current losses in the stator winding are generally ignored as the magnetic flux penetrates through the teeth and yoke and only small leakage flux penetrates through the slot space with conductors.

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