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By Alexander N. Papusha

Introducing a brand new useful technique in the box of utilized mechanics constructed to resolve beam power and bending difficulties utilizing classical beam concept and beam modeling, this extraordinary new quantity bargains the engineer, scientist, or pupil a innovative new method of subsea pipeline layout. Integrating use of the Mathematica software into those versions and designs, the engineer can make the most of this new angle to construct more advantageous, extra effective and no more high priced subsea pipelines, a vital section of the world's power infrastructure.

Significant advances were completed in implementation of the utilized beam idea in numerous engineering layout applied sciences during the last few a long time, and the implementation of this conception additionally takes a tremendous position in the functional quarter of re-qualification and reassessment for onshore and offshore pipeline engineering. A common technique of employing beam thought into the layout technique of subsea pipelines has been constructed and already integrated into the ISO guidance for reliability-based restrict country layout of pipelines. This paintings is based on those major advances.

The purpose of the ebook is to supply the speculation, study, and useful functions that may be used for tutorial reasons by way of group of workers operating in offshore pipeline integrity and engineering scholars. essential for the veteran engineer and scholar alike, this quantity is a vital new development within the power undefined, a powerful hyperlink within the chain of the world's strength production.

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Eq3 = Y J0 D[y[x], {x, 2}] == M(x) J0Y y (x) = MA + xVA − qx2 2 Symbolic solution regarding the beam deflection is presented as below sol = DSolve[{eq3, y[L] == 0, y[0] == 0}, y[x], x] //Flatten//Simplify y(x) → x(L − x) −4VA(L + x) − 12MA + q L2 + Lx + x2 24J0Y contained unknown reactions VA and MA. 3) regarding unknown reactions VA and MA two new equations are resulted. 5 The solution for forces and moments Solution of the system equations eq1, eq2, eq5, eq6 for finding unknown reactions VA, VB , MA, MB in symbolic form are resulted by operator Solve[.

692 × 10−5 m4 . Finally, graphic of the beam deflection is presented below. sol2/. 7 Well-known results from “black box” program The solutions of the referenced problem with the help of computer product like “black box” (Fig. 4). Obviously the same deflection of the profile is obtained. 1 Problem set Let’s consider the traditional method of solution for the indeterminate beam as shown in the picture (Fig. 5). Rectangular load: q (kN/m) — unique load distribution is shown in the picture (Fig. 5). 8) N Mi = 0.

2 Beam in classical evaluations In order to compare two alternative approaches: namely “by hand” and “by computational symbolic evaluation” firstly let us consider the classic method for solving the beam’s problem. 1 Problem set and traditional method of solution: Unknown reactions Indeterminate beam is shown at the picture (Fig. 1). Why? 1 Fixed both edges beam. 13 14 Beam Theory for Subsea Pipelines Let’s consider the traditional method of solution of the static indeterminate beam. Rectangular load: q (kN/m) — unique load distribution is shown at the picture (Fig.

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