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By Dean R. Jerry

This publication covers the biology, ecology, genetics and aquaculture of the Asian Seabass or barramundi (Lates calcarifer), a commercially and recreationally worthy species. It brings jointly within the one position reports written by means of global specialists in Asian seabass taxonomy, genetics, nutrients, ecology, aquaculture, reproductive and developmental biology, weather swap affects, harvest caliber and healthiness management.

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C. 1974. Larval mortality in marine fishes and the critical period concept. pp. 3–19. S. ). The early life history of fish, Springer Verlag, New York. Minjoyo, H. 1990. Histochemical Studies on the Early Stages of Development of the Digestive Tract of SeabAss, Lates calcarifer (Bloch). University of the Philippines. Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines 56 pp. D. M. Macaranas. 2003. Localization of enzymes in the digestive tract during the larval to early juvenile stages of seabass (Lates calcarifer Bloch).

All jaw deformities are usually first observed at around 18 days after hatching. Deformity in the operculum is also observed, but these manifest later than the jaw deformities at around 36 days after hatching. The opercular bone and a portion of the subopercula are affected and the Early Development and Seed Production of Asian Seabass, Lates calcarifer 27 operculum is folded inward exposing a portion of the gill surface. Associated with this deformity are curled branchiostegal rays which result in the shortening of the branchiostegal membrane (Fraser and de Nys 2005).

Calcarifer that can take advantage of the temporally variable monsoon rains and associated aquatic habitats. The larvae of L. calcarifer hatch in near shore waters and are passively delivered by tidal action to supra-littoral swamps near a river mouth or in floodplains further upstream (Pusey et al. 2004). By the end of the Australian tropical monsoon season (around February to March) 0+ age class juveniles and post-larvae recruits depart tidal creek habitats (stimulus unknown) and occupy nursery swamps, where yearlings remain until the mid-dry season.

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