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By Alan G. Hildrew, David G. Raffaelli, Ronni Edmonds-Brown

Ecologists have lengthy struggled to foretell beneficial properties of ecological platforms, equivalent to the numbers and variety of organisms. the big variety of physique sizes in ecological groups, from tiny microbes to giant animals and vegetation, is rising because the key to prediction. according to the connection among physique measurement and lines akin to organic premiums, the physics of water and the volume of habitat to be had, we are able to comprehend styles of abundance and variety, biogeography, interactions in foodstuff webs and the effect of fishing, including as much as a possible 'periodic desk' for ecology. extraordinary development at the unravelling, describing and modelling of aquatic foodstuff webs, revealing the basic function of physique dimension, makes a ebook emphasising marine and freshwater ecosystems rather apt. right here, the significance of physique measurement is tested at a variety of scales that might be of curiosity to specialist ecologists, from scholars to senior researchers.

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