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It recognises that people with disabilities, like their non-disabled peers, will have multiple jobs within a career and that rehabilitation services should assist them to plan for a succession of jobs within their working lifetimes. There is considerable support for the argument that a rehabilitation service delivery system focused on preparing individuals for a lifelong process of choosing occupations is more likely to result in sustainable employment outcomes. , 1996). Career development theory and disability If the field of vocational rehabilitation is going to adopt a career development approach to service delivery, it is important that it has a sound theoretical basis for practice.

Systems theory approach The use of systems theory has been proposed to ‘develop a framework to represent the complex interrelationships of the many influences on career development’ (McMahon & Patton, 1995, p. 17). g. Patton & McMahon, 1997, 1999). The systems approach has explicitly acknowledged disability as an individual factor that can influence career development (Patton, 1997). It is particularly useful within a rehabilitation context because it enables the rehabilitation counsellor to clearly identify the subsystems that impact on an individual’s career development and the interaction between those subsystems.

This reflects Granvold’s (1996) claim that learning is brought about by ‘perturbations produced by the interactions with the world’ (p. 347). Thus as the individual system receives input it begins a process of ‘evolutionary selforganisation – a dynamic organisation-reorganisation activity’ (Granvold, 1996, p. 347). Knowledge development, specifically self-knowledge, is assumed to follow this pattern. 5 Learning involves transactions between the person and the environment (p. 34). As evidenced in the discussion of proposition four, learning involves a ‘transactional relationship’ between the individual and his or her environment that has dual meaning.

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