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Experiments were also performed in which nerve fibers were soaked in hypertonic Ringer solutions of different concentrations before fixation, again with an iso­ tonic fixative. It was found that increasing the total molarity of the FIG. 43. Diagram to illustrate the effects of hypotonic solutions on myelinated nerve fibers. ) swells in hypotonic solutions and the gap between the mesaxon (m) unit -membranes (u) widens. T h e intraperiod line is split open throughout the sheath, but the membranes fail to separate where they are united along their cytoplasmic surfaces.

Outside this there is much collagen and a multilayered cellular perineurial sheath. A portion of this can be seen at the bottom of Fig. 27, and a satellite cell nucleus is shown in Fig. 28. An experiment was performed to determine the effects of fixing such nerve fibers in solutions of different tonicities. 6% permanganate was dissolved in distilled water and at the other the same percentage of permanganate was dissolved in sea water that had been concentrated 6 times by boiling. Solutions of intermediate values of tonicity were made up by dissolving the same amount of permanganate FIG.

If membranes are syn- FIG. 20. Diagram showing a possible mechanism for mitochondrial origin. At arrows 1, 2, and 3 fingerlike invaginations of cytoplasmic matrix into the cavity of a large endoplasmic reticulum cisterna are shown. T w o of these meet in the mitochondrion to the upper left, to produce a transverse or continuous septum like the ones frequently seen in liver mitochondria. T h e two lower mitochondria are very much like the ones seen in developing nerve fibers. thesized de novo from the cytoplasmic matrix, one should see transi­ tional forms between unit membrane-bounded vesicles and smaller spherical lipid micellar constituents.

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