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This long-awaited re-creation is the total reference for engineers and architects engaged on pump layout and improvement or utilizing centrifugal pumps within the box. This authoritative advisor has been constructed with entry to the technical services of the prime centrifugal pump developer, Sulzer Pumps. as well as offering the main entire centrifugal pump thought and layout reference with unique fabric on cavitation, erosion, choice of fabrics, rotor vibration habit and forces performing on pumps, the instruction manual additionally covers key pumping program subject matters and operational matters, together with working functionality in a variety of varieties of circuitry, drives and reputation trying out.

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With a given suction head and flow rate, a greater number of pumps may sometimes yield benefits because higher pump speed can then be adopted enabling pump costs to be lowered. The optimum number of pumps must be chosen in the light of the constraints of the system (space requirements, costs of auxiliary equipment and erection). Parallel operation is conditional upon a steadily rising pump head curve. With Hgeo ! Hdyn, operating pumps in series is not advisable (Fig. 8a). If one pump shuts down, consideration must be given to how far the remaining pump can run out to the right and whether the NPSH available covers the NPSH required (Fig.

However, a clutch is usually interposed to separate the pump from the engine during startup. 4). With high power inputs in particular, startup must therefore be investigated thoroughly at the planning stage. At around 80% of the speed the torque of an electric motor may drop to the pump torque. Acceleration torque is then nil, and the group becomes locked into this speed. As a result, the motor takes up a high current, with the risk of destroying the windings (Fig. 21). 21 Starting torque curve for electric motor and pump 46 Behavior of Centrifugal Pumps in Operation because of the static friction of the moving parts involved.

In this case, pumps in parallel operate much better and give greater flow at a higher efficiency. Where pumps operate in series, it must be borne in mind that the seals and casings on the downstream pump are under higher pressure. The shaft seal may have to be balanced to the suction pressure of the upstream pump. Recirculation losses result from this, which must be taken into account in the overall efficiency calculation. e. 8: Minimum flow rate). The pump then operates to the right of its optimum point (depending on the system head curve), and its cavitation behavior must be reviewed.

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