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Plotting and Analysis of Pump Tests The test results on each size and type of pump are plotted as follows: All tests are corrected to a basic speed (for example, 1 470 rev/min) depending upon the size of the pump, and a family of curves obtained for the head quantity characteristics of the pump at various diameters of impellers. These curves will be similar to the variable speed curves, but showing diameter changes instead of speed changes. It is convenient to group the tests into the relatively small number of diameters, making a diameter correction in similar manner to speed correction and keeping different colours for different diameters.

1% of this is £20 000, which is very roughly comparable to the cost of the com­ plete pumpset. At the other end of the scale, the efficiency of a fractional kW pump for a domestic washing machine, running perhaps half an hour a week, may at first sight be considered unimportant. It was, however, reported by one maker that careful research had improved pump efficiency so as to reduce the size of the driving motor and save 50 pence on the production cost of each set. In manufacturing a large number of such pumps a week, this improvement would represent a substantial monetary saving over the years.

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