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Within the Bhopal catastrophe of 1984, nearly 2,000 citizens dwelling close to a chemical plant have been killed and 20,000 extra suffered irreversible harm to their eyes and lungs following the unintentional unlock of methyl isocyanate. This tragedy served to concentration foreign recognition at the desire for governments to spot detrimental elements and support neighborhood groups in making plans tips on how to take care of emergency exposures.

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5 ), and all neighbouring C–H bonds are staggered. Therefore, this conformation does not have any angle strain or torsional strain. Another conformation of cyclohexane is the boat conformation. Here the H atoms on C2 –C3 and C5 –C6 are eclipsed, which results in an increased torsional strain. Also, the H atoms on C1 and C4 are close enough to produce steric strain. e. e. around the ring equator) positions. Six hydrogen atoms are in the axial positions and six others in the equatorial positions.

Chirality Many objects around us are handed. For example, our left and right hands are mirror images of each other, and cannot be superimposed on each other. Other chiral objects include shoes, gloves and printed pages. e. they cannot be superimposed on their mirror images. Such molecules are called chiral molecules. g. e. sp3hybridized) carbon atom with four different atoms or groups attached. Such a carbon atom is called a chiral carbon or an asymmetric carbon. Chiral molecules do not have a plane of symmetry.

Bulky groups always preferably occupy equatorial positions. Because of axial and equatorial positions in the chair conformation of cyclohexane, one might expect to see two isomeric forms of a monosubstituted cyclohexane. However, in reality, only one monosubstituted form exists, because cyclohexane rings are conformationally mobile at room temperature. Different chair conformations interconvert, resulting in the exchange of axial and equatorial positions. This interconversion of chair conformations is known as a ring-flip.

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