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By G. E. W. and O'Connor, Cecilia M. Wolstenholme

Chapter 1 starting feedback (pages 1–2):
Chapter 2 Synthesis and homes of Purines of capability organic curiosity (pages 3–19): Aaron Bendich, Alfredo Giner?Sorolla and Jack J. Fox
Chapter three a few artificial reports on Purines and comparable Heterocycles (pages 20–38): E. C. Taylor, T. S. Osdene, E. Richter and O. Vogl
Chapter four a few New N?Methylpurines (pages 39–49): Gertrude B. Elion
Chapter five The constitution of the Hydroxypurines Investigated by way of O? and N?Methylation (pages 50–59): D. J. Brown
Chapter 6 The Spectra and constitution of the Monohydroxypurines and different very likely Tautomeric Purines (pages 60–71): S. F. Mason
Chapter 7 The ??Electron homes of Purine Calculated through the L.C.A.O. procedure (pages 72–76): S. F. Mason
Chapter eight The Degradation of Uric Acid by means of Water stressed (pages 77–96): Wolfgang Pfleiderer
Chapter nine The 8?Position in Purines. The Chemical and organic Transformation of Purines Into Pteridines (pages 97–107): Adrien Albert
Chapter 10 Cyclonucleosides (pages 108–119): D. M. Brown, Sir Alexander Todd and S. Varadarajan
Chapter eleven Stereochemistry of Nucleoside Synthesis (pages 120–133): B. R. Baker
Chapter 12 man made Chemical Investigations concerning the Metabolism of Purines (pages 134–145): G. M. Timmis, I. Cooke and R. G. W. Spickett
Chapter thirteen the results of capability Antipurines on a Purine?Requiring pressure of Escherichia coli (pages 146–159): H. O. J. Collier and Patricia L. Huskinson
Chapter 14 The Chemistry of latest Purines within the B (pages 160–168): E. Lester Smith
Chapter 15 organic and Microbiological job of Purine Analogues of nutrition B (pages 169–176): S. okay. Kon
Chapter sixteen Puromycin (pages 177–191): Brian L. Hutchings
Chapter 17 Chemical and organic Behaviours of 9???d?Ribofuranosylpurine (pages 192–203): G. B. Brown, M. P. Gordon, D. I. Magrath and A. Hampton
Chapter 18 at the Activation of the One?Carbon Unit for the Biosynthesis of Purine Nucleotides (pages 204–232): G. Robert Geeenberg and Lothar Jaenicke
Chapter 19 The Enzymatic Synthesis of Inosinic Acid De Novo (pages 233–255): J. M. Buchanan, J. G. Flaks, S. C. Hartman, B. Levenberg, L. N. Lukens and L. Warren
Chapter 20 Enzymic regulate of Purines via Xanthine Oxidase (pages 256–269): F. Bergel, R. C. Bray, A. Haddow and that i. Lewin
Chapter 21 The organic results of 8?Azapurines (pages 270–285): R. E. F. Matthews
Chapter 22 Biochemical results of 6?Mercaptopurine (pages 286–308): Gertrude B. Elion and George H. Hitchings
Chapter 23 using 6?Mercaptopurine within the remedy of Leukaemia (pages 299–307): D. A. G. Galton
Chapter 23 normal dialogue (pages 308–317):

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ELION,G. , and HITCHINGS, G. H. Unpublished data. ELION, G. , HITCHINGS, G. , and VANDERWERFF, H. (1951). J . biol. , 192,505. ENGELMAN, M. (1909). Ber. dtsch. chem. , 42, 177. FISCHER, E. Ber. dtsch. chem. , 30, 2226. FISCHER, E. (1897b). Ber. dtsch. chem. , 30, 2400. FISCHER, E. Ber. dtsch. chem. , 31, 104. FISCHER, E. (18983). Ber. dtsch. chem. , 31, 431. FISCHER, E. Ber. dtsch. chem. , 31,542. GELLHORN, A,, and HIRSCHBERG, E. (1955). , 3, 1. HITCHINGS, G. , and ELION,G. B. (1955). Confkrences et Rapports, I11 Int.

I n fact, 7-aminothiazolopyrimidine (XX) is formed during boiling with formic acid and this has been followed by chromatography and by isolation. Treatment with 1 mol. prop. of sodium hydroxide then opens the ring to give the (XVIII) anion of 4-amino-5-formamido-6-mercaptopyrimidine which then closes as would be expected to 6-mercaptopurine (XXIII). * SH xu: R= H; R'= alkyl or H m:R E H: R'= SH m: R = M ~R'-; (exc. R'= SH) m: R-H; SH I R H xx : R = H; R'= alkyl or RLSH W / xxn: R=Me: R'= H m : R = n; R'=alkyl or H m: R = W ; RLSH In the analogous case (Dille and Christensen, 1954) where 4 : 5-diamino-2 : 6-dimercaptopyrimidine (XVII) is converted into 2 : 6-dimercaptopurine (XXIV) the reaction does not pass through any thiazolopyrimidine.

We have not as yet carried out any reactions on the 1-oxide, but the possibility of such a compound being perhaps a biological intermediate for the introduction of groups into the 2-position is an attractive speculation. Such compounds again are not purely N-oxides; they are cyclic hydroxamic acids. I would expect, therefore, that treatment of our compound with, say P,S,, might well give an un-rearranged 1-oxide of 8-mercaptopurine which in itself would be an interesting compound. Baker: Dr. Brown, did you not tell me that these oxides were less toxic than the parent compounds?

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