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Swords and Sustenance: The Economics of Security in Belarus and Ukraine (American Academy Studies in Global Security)

The steadiness of the previous Soviet states is threatened via their precarious geopolitical place inside of a turbulent financial and political setting. Swords and Sustenance explores the advanced financial measurement of nationwide safety for 2 key post-Soviet nations, Belarus and Ukraine -- that's, how they've got handled the demanding situations posed by way of inner financial and political reform and their relationships with Russia and the West.

Religion, Economy, and Cooperation

This quantity addresses the problem of faith and economic system within the evolution of human cooperation. either non secular practices and fiscal behaviour create and maintain intra-group cooperation via supplying individuals with universal ambitions and values. no matter if everyone is egocentric maximizers of application, in any case everyone merits from being a part of a cooperative neighborhood, the marketplace.

Political Economies of Empire in the Early Modern Mediterranean: The Decline of Venice and the Rise of England 1450-1700

Opposed to the backdrop of England's emergence as a big fiscal strength, the improvement of early sleek capitalism ordinarily and the transformation of the Mediterranean, Maria Fusaro provides a brand new point of view at the onset of Venetian decline. analyzing the numerous advertisement courting among those eu empires throughout the interval 1450-1700, Fusaro demonstrates how Venice's social, political and monetary situations formed the English mercantile group in distinct methods.

From Jicama to Jackfruit: The Global Political Economy of Food

What did you may have for breakfast? Did you ever cease to contemplate the folks and steps concerned with how your banana or cereal received in your plate? approximately everyone seems to be part of the worldwide meals method, but few everyone is conscious of the way it operates. Kimberly A. Weir begins by way of comparing how we're hooked up with spice farmers, cocoa bean growers, soybean manufacturers, tomato pickers, and tuna fishers not just supplies perception into the place we slot in the worldwide foodstuff chain, but additionally deals a distinct solution to comprehend the points and ideas of the worldwide political economic climate.

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P. Sraffa (Cambridge University Press, 1952). RICARDO, D. (WORKS VIII) The Works of David Ricardo: Volume VIII Letters 1819-1821, ed. P. Sraffa (Cambridge University Press, 1952). RONCAGLIA, A. (1978) Sraffa and the Theory of Prices (New York, Wiley). SAMUELSON, P. A. (1957) 'Wages and interest: a modern dissection of Marxian economic models', American Economic Review, vol. 47, pp. 884-912. SCHUMPETER, J. A. (1954) History of Economic Analysis (London, Allen & Unwin). SETON, F. (1957) 'The "transformation problem"', Review of Economic Studies, vol.

He argued that such an equilibrium would be characterised by sufficient unemployment of labour to ensure that the equilibrium wage lay at the subsistence level. 56 The value of labour power is therefore equal to the value of the subsistence wage bundle. It is also assumed that technology is such as feasibly to allow a higher wage rate. Marx deduces from this that surplus value and the rate of surplus value, sfv, will be positive, as labour inputs are required in all production and the subsistence wage is non-zero.

Ricardo's analysis 'leads to erroneous results because it omits some essential links and directly seeks to prove the congruity of economic categories with one another' (Marx, 1862b, pp. 164-5). See also Marx (1862b, pp. 167-8, 174, 190, 427). On this basis he also attempted to derive what he considered adequate theories of circulation, rent and money. See Marx (1885, 1894). In this section we ignore all these matters. Marx argued that 'reality as it appears' to social actors and theorists in capitalism is deceptive.

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