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1. The staggered positioning of variables on an unstructured mesh of triangles is contrasted with that on a structured mesh. Boundary Interior node Boundary node Fig. 2. Illustration of the dual mesh used to compute the vorticity at the nodes. K. Mahesh et al /Second MIT Conference on Computational Fluid and Solid Mechanics edges. A fractional step approach for the pressure is derived as follows. Denote the nonlinear terms by NL and the viscous terms by V, and use the Adams-Bashforth method for both.

23rd International Congress of Aeronautical Sciences, Toronto, 2002. [4] Kroll N, Gerhold T, Melber S, Heinrich R, Schwarz T, Schoning B. Parallel large scale computations for aerodynamic aircraft design with the German CFD system MEGAFLOW. Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics — Practice and Theory (P. Wilders, A. Ecer, J. Periaux, N. ). North Holland, 2002, pp. 227-233. html. [6] Rakowitz M, Sutcliffe M, Eisfeld B, Schwamborn D, Bleecke H, Fassbender J. Structured and Unstructured Computations on the DLR-F4 Wing-Body Configuration.

The concrete in the structure was simulated with the Microplane model, which accurately replicates the post-peak softening behavior typically observed in brittle cement-based materials at low confining stresses. The reinforcing bars in the structure were explicidy modeled with bar elements in the calculation and were allowed to fracture at prescribed levels of strain. 81 kg of C-4 in the sand backfill. Very good agreement was obtained between the calculated peak particle velocities and corresponding free-field ground-shock data.

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