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By Andreas G. Erdmann

A data of anatomy has continually performed an essential position in drugs, and is principally very important within the daily perform of anaesthesia. Concise Anatomy for Anaesthesia provides the center anatomical wisdom required for the first and ultimate FRCA examinations in an easy and easy demeanour. Adopting the philosophy of the exam itself, the place applicants are usually required to breed easy line drawings to demonstrate the intensity in their wisdom, the various illustrations within the ebook are transparent and designed to be effortless to appreciate at a look. The illustrations are observed by way of explanatory textual content all through and for every anatomical area, pattern exam questions are integrated which persist with the layout of these truly requested within the examinations. This publication is key examining for all anaesthesia fundamental and ultimate applicants, in addition to delivering a useful speedy reference for busy anaesthetists in any respect degrees of expertise. Nurses, working theatre practitioners and different healthcare pros also will locate this booklet beneficial in gaining a pragmatic figuring out of utilized anatomy.

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It ascends on the medial side to the knee and up to the thigh where it enters the saphenous foramen and joins the femoral vein 2. Small saphenous vein – from the lateral aspect of the foot and behind the lateral malleolus. It ascends in the midline posteriorly and joins the popliteal vein after running between the two heads of the gastrocnemius 3. Posterior tibial vein – runs with the posterior tibial artery and unites with the anterior tibial vein to form the popliteal vein 4. 6 The veins of the leg and arm 37 12 Fetal circulation ● Umbilical vein – oxygenated blood enters the body via the umbilical vein.

These supply the neck, arms and legs respectively. CERVICAL PLEXUS This is formed from the ventral rami of C1–4. It is responsible for the innervation of the skin of the head, neck, and the neck and diaphragmatic musculature. The rami (except C1-motor only) divide into ascending and descending branches, which form the three major loops of the plexus. These further divide into deep (motor) and superficial (sensory) branches. There are four major groups of branches: 52 1. Communicating branches – pass to the hypoglossal nerve, vagus nerve and cervical sympathetic chain 2.

The nerve then crosses over the subclavian artery and under the subclavian vein (through the thoracic inlet). On the right side, the nerve follows the great veins and pierces the central tendon just lateral to the inferior vena caval opening. On the left, the nerve crosses over the aortic arch (in front of the vagus nerve) and over the lung root and pericardium to pierce the diaphragm just lateral to the pericardial attachment 3. Superficial branches – sensory to neck. These can be divided into three groups: ● Ascending: ● Lesser occipital nerve – (C2) ● Great auricular nerve – (C2, C3) ● Descending – supraclavicular nerves – (C3, C4) ● Transverse – anterior cutaneous nerve of neck – (C2, C3) 4.

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