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By Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn. (Vienna), Ph. D. (Cantab.), Sc. D. (Cantab.) Viktor Gutmann (auth.)

Considerable consciousness has been focussed on non-aqueous chemistry within the final decade and this example has arisen doubtless from a attention of the massive software of this department of chemistry. inside of this box a lot vigorous paintings has been channelled into the decision of the coordination chemistry of tran­ sition metals in those solvent 8ystems. complicated experimental recommendations were built to find, particularly, the magnetic and spectral homes of complicated compounds, and the theoretical history of such structures has been improved to corroborate, so far as attainable, the experimental effects. this article has, although, a unique bias from many books presently to be had in this department of chemistry, and is designed to be a survey of identified proof on the various non-aqueous solvents presently in use ordinarily within the box of halogen chemistry, including a dialogue of those evidence within the gentle of authorized rules. As such, it's was hoping to shut a spot within the literature of which many employees and complex scholars during this box may be acutely aware. The remedy is intended to be selective instead of thoroughly complete and needs to unevitably mirror a few of the unique pursuits of the author.

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GUTMANN, and E. WYCHERA: Mh. Chern. 98, 12 (1967). 32 Principles of Coordination Chemistry in Non-Aqueous Solutions Since the donor number of the solvent characterizes the magnitude of the coordination of the donor solvent by an electron pair acceptor, it was of interest to investigate the relations between donor number and solvation64 . dGo = -z . F . Eo. For the estimation of the standard electrode potential of a metal ion, a Born-Haber cycle consisting of the following 3 steps may be considered: a) sublimation of the metal, b) ionization of the gaseous metal atom and c) solvation of the ion.

And G. HAMPEL: Mh. Chern. 92, 1048 (1961). , R. C. PAUL, and S. S. SANDHU: J. Chern. Soc. : Oesterr. Chern. Ztg. 62, 326 (1961). 47 SMITH, G. B. : Chern. Revs. 23, 165 (1938). 28 Principles of Coordination Chemistry in Non-Aqueous Solutions Anionic complexes other than chloro-complexes cannot be expected in such solvents due to the occurrance of solvolysis. When the formation of bromo-complexes is required, iodine monobromide 48 , mercuric bromide 49 ,50 or an oxybromide, such as benzoyl bromide 51 ,52, may be used as solvents.

H+ ~-~ NH4+ + NHa ~ NHa + NH4+ While in water the HaO+-ion shows an abnormal proton jump conduction mechanism, the equivalent ion in liquid ammonia, NH 4+, exhibits no such abnormality and this is attributed to the fact that it is completely coordinated and possesses no dipole moment!. Due to the high donor properties many ionic compounds frequently show even higher solubilities in liquid ammonia than in water. Some values have been tabulated recently by JANDER16 and a few examples are given in Table 16.

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