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By Michele Schirru

This thesis provides a singular ultrasonic software for non-invasive and in-situ characterization of magazine bearing lubricant viscosity. particularly, the applying to magazine bearings is defined via non-invasively measuring the viscosity and localized strength losses all through operation.
This ultrasonic viscometer is predicated at the mirrored image of polarized shear waves from a skinny resonating coating layer to extend the size sensitivity, compared to traditional ultrasonic tools. This tool makes it possible for a whole engine oil viscoelastic characterization in-situ.
The e-book investigates the consequences of temperature, strain and shear price, and describes intimately the ultrasonic setup and technique. additional, it demonstrates that an analogous strategy may be utilized equally to watch the lubrication of different engine elements. As such, it bargains a distinct device that could force the study of oil formulations to enhance engine functionality and satisfy the necessities of overseas gasoline financial system laws.

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The inner cylinder rotates thus shearing the contact interface between solid and liquid. The viscosity is measured as follows (Webster 1999): g¼  2  b À1 T 4pR22 L x ð2:11Þ where b is a parameter dependent on the cylinder geometry, x is the rotational speed, T is the applied torque and L is the effective length of the cylinder at which the torque is measured. 9 reports the setup for a cone-to-plate viscometer. The operating principle is the same as in the rotating cylinder, but in this case the rotating part is cone shaped.

2, the speed of sound is a function of the inertia of the molecules constituting the particle network and a function of the stiffness of the springs. The inertia is represented by the density of the particle network and the stiffness is the bulk modulus in case of compression and the shear modulus in case of transverse motion. The following formulas report the expressions of the speed of sound for longitudinal and shear waves: sffiffiffi B cl ¼ q sffiffiffiffi G ct ¼ q ð3:1Þ ð3:2Þ where cl is the compressional speed of sound, ct is the transverse speed of sound, B is the bulk modulus, q is the material density and G is the shear modulus.

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