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In comparison to the plough merge system, the perpetual merge system provides the same constant motion as servos, but without the associated up-front investment expense or the ongoing cost of ownership of maintenance. g. controls (no longer needed), accumulation conveyor (more expensive than transport conveyor), floor space (reduced cost of lighting and other associated costs due to reduced floor space requirements of the system). Page 36 © Copyright Pira International Ltd 2007 3 Filling machinery by type This section provides an overview of the current state of technology for filling machinery and the new technology that could derive from it.

Seams or open flutes have become unacceptable, as they are known to be critical areas for microbial growth. Modern machines therefore have seals that are flush with the front of the filler, with smooth and slanted stainless steel surfaces that enhance easier cleaning of the equipment. Antimicrobial protection The continuous control of micro-organisms in filling processes and their critical areas of components is a particular challenge. Micro-organisms tend to feed primarily on rubber parts, where they traditionally reproduce and cause foul odours, mildew, slime and discoloration.

G. g. health and beauty products. As consumer goods manufacturers move east, the reduction of the manufacturing base in the west is having knock-on effects across all industrial sectors, including the filling industry. Many companies are reporting difficulties in finding skilled technical and sales staff, as the technology moves away from the home countries and takes top-level technologists with it. As more and more brand owners are moving their manufacturing operations to eastern Europe and Asia, they leave the remaining processing and packaging machinery firms with fewer and fewer customers.

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