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By Werner Leinfellner (auth.), Werner Leinfellner, Eckehart Köhler (eds.)

Philosophy of technological know-how offers with the matter, 'What is science?' it sounds as if the reply to this query can basically be stumbled on if we now have a solution to the query, 'How does technology function?' hence, the examine of the technique of social sciences is a popular consider any research of those sciences. The historical past of philosophy indicates sincerely that the reply to the query, 'How does technology function?' was once the conditio sine qua non of any type of philosophy of technological know-how, epistemology or even of common sense. Aristotle, Hume, Kant, Mill, Russell, to say a couple of classical authors, basically emphasised the primacy of method of technology for any type of philosophy of technological know-how. One may also country that analyses of the presup­ positions, the rules, the goals, ambitions and reasons of technological know-how are not anything else than analyses in their common and particular formal, in addition to functional and empirical equipment. hence, the total application of any phi­ losophy of technology relies at the research of the tools of sciences and the institution in their standards. If the examine of medical approach is the essential think about the philosophy of technological know-how, then the entire different difficulties is determined by the result of the sort of examine. for instance, the previous query of a potential harmony of all social sciences may be delivered to an answer through the examine of the presuppositions, the tools, in addition to of the standards germane to all social sciences.

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4. According to the intuitive idea explicated paradigmatically, there are three groups of decision rules which are all theorems of our kernel (K SD ). e. the probabilities P, which may belong to the objective group, the personalistic group or 'intermediating' group. 1. The objective group of decision rules. Following these rules, the decision maker should choose admissible and only admissible strategies 38 WERNER LEINFELLNER with respect to the kernel (K) and with respect to the epitheoretical norms given an a priori knowledge of P.

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