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By Dr. Edwin Weber, Prof. Dr. Fritz Vögtle (auth.), Professor Dr. Fritz Vögtle, Dr. Edwin Weber (eds.)

The medical and sensible curiosity in coronands (crown ethers), cryptands, podands as complexing brokers for cations in addition to for anions and impartial low molecular species is indisputable 1,2). The chemistry of crown compounds is gradually expanding. approximately 250 unique papers facing crown chemistry seemed in basic terms in 1980. New molecules· with crown ether homes are continually synthesized and new functions discov,?red. due to loss of area, just a small variety of the unique guides is males­ tioned the following. therefore, within the literature compilation just some, yet appropriate works are chosen for every bankruptcy. every time attainable, reference is made to reports or review-like articles by myself through which origin,al works could be consulted. The stories given lower than ref. 1) are thought of to be the main proper. The formulae provided within the figures may be understood as consultant constructions outlining a selected box. 2 category of Oligo-/Multidentate impartial Ligands and in their Complexes this day, a contrast is made among the classical ring oligoethers (crown ethers) and monocyclic coronands, oligocyclic round cryptands and the acyclic podands with recognize to topological elements 3). This type and the topology are illustrated in Fig. 1, every one determine representing the minimal variety of donor atoms and chain segments attribute of every category of compounds. Multidentate mono­ cyclic ligands with any kind of donor atoms are known as coronands ("crown compounds"), whereas the time period crown ether might be reserved for cyclic oligoethers completely containing oxygen as donor atom.

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